PARAPROJECT® Case i16 inkl. LED-Lightning-Kabel, CH-Version, schwarz

Artikelnummer 208.601-15101

Paraproject Case i16 – der Bestseller für iPad-Klassen und Schulungen.

  • Charge
  • Sync
  • Tansport
  • Aufbewahren
  • Flex2Connect
Als Lösung für iPad-Klassen und Schulungen hat sich der intelligente PARAPROJECT® Case i16 etabliert. Der flexible Systemkoffer bietet in gepolsterten Fächern, Raum für bis zu 16 iPad, die er über die zentrale Lade- und Sync-Einheit in optimaler Geschwindigkeit lädt und synchronisiert. Seine in Reihe positionierten USB-Anschlüsse ermöglichen ein sauberes Kabelmanagement. Die praktische "Flex2Connect" Technik erlaubt es , Lade-,Sync-Kabel und Steckertypen Mehr ...
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PARAPROJECT® Case i16 inkl. LED-Lightning-Kabel, CH-Version, schwarz
Kompatibel mit

alle iPads ab der Generation 4|alle iPad Mini



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                array(1) {
  object(J77\Product\Product)#13813 (24) {
    string(41) "PARAPROJECT® Case i16, black, EU version"
    string(13) "208.600-15101"
    string(88) "Paraproject Case i16 – the bestseller for iPad use in classrooms and training courses."
    string(1241) "The smart PARAPROJECT® Case i16 has established itself as a solution for iPad use in classrooms and training courses. The flexible system case offers padded pockets and enough space for up to 16 iPad. The central charging and synchronizing unit charges and synchronizes iPad with optimal speed. Its USB ports are connected in series and support neat cable management. The practical "Flex2Connect" mechanism enables easy replacement or combination of charge and sync cables and connector types. In addition, the case provides several connection options for accessories such as Apple TV, AirPort and a MacBook of up to 15.6“. Side handles make it easy to carry, combination locks protect against unauthorized access. Its light weight combined with the 4-castor concept "EasyMove“ and a telescopic handle, extendable to one meter, makes the case safe and easy to move. The sturdy black outer shell made from X-ABS plastic with aluminum frame securely protects against outside impacts. The appealing design and high-class materials of the PARAPROJECT® Case i16, along with clever functionality, are convincingly excellent. It is compatible with all types of iPad G4 Air or beyond and Mini. USB lightning cables are included in the package."
    array(5) {
      string(8) "charging"
      string(13) "synchronizing"
      string(9) "transport"
      string(7) "storage"
      string(12) "flex2connect"
    array(3) {
      string(11) "20860117901"
      string(11) "20860115101"
      string(11) "20860017901"
    string(0) ""
    string(47) "all iPad 4G and beyond|as well as all iPad Mini"
    string(2) "16"
    string(3) "iOS"
    string(0) ""
    array(1) {
      string(7) "tablets"
    string(59) ""
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        string(16) "208600151(3).jpg"
        string(16) "208600151(2).jpg"
        string(16) "208600151(7).jpg"
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      string(53) ""
    string(66) ""
    string(13) "208600151.jpg"
    string(5) "black"
    string(81) ""
    string(11) "20860015101"
    string(92) ""
    string(13) "PARAPROJECT®"
    string(8) "Case i16"
                array(1) {
  string(11) "20860015101"
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PARAPROJECT® Case i16, black, EU version 208.600-15101

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