PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover, EU-Version, silber

Artikelnummer 208.625-179

Paraproject Case i20 KidsCover – große Klasse(n).

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Das PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover eignet sich ideal für den Tablet-Einsatz in großen Grund- und Vorschulklassen. Es bietet eine abschließbare Transport- und Aufladestation für bis zu 20 iPads sowie Android- und Windows-10-Tablets bis 11‘‘ inklusive KidsCover. Die Geräte samt Cover werden in zwei großen Einschubfächern aus leichten „ConPearl“-Kunststoffwagen verstaut – der vollflächig mit Schaumstoff ausgekleidete Boden ermöglicht zusätzlich eine ebenso Mehr ...
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PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover, EU-Version, silber
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  object(J77\Product\Product)#13840 (24) {
    string(51) "PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover; EU version; black"
    string(11) "208.625-151"
    string(63) "Paraproject Case i20 KidsCover – top class for large classes."
    string(1123) "The PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover is ideal for the use of tablets in large primary school classes and preschools. It comes with a lockable transport and charging station for up to 20 iPad devices as well as Android and Windows 10 tablets up to 11‘‘ including KidsCover. The devices plus cover are stowed away in two large compartments of the plastic cart made from light 'ConPearl' material“ –  the bottom tray, fully lined with a layer of foam, guarantees both safe and gentle storage. The case lid, equipped with various pockets and compartments, provides additional space to store an Access Point. Two integrated MC 10-MultiChargers ensure quick and easy charging. The Case i20 is fitted with four ball bearings, a 4-part telescopic trolley handle and two grips and thus ensures easy and convenient transport. The outer shell is made from 3 mm thick high impact and rubberized X-ABS plastic and a circumferential aluminum frame on lid and body and perfectly protects the case and its contents from external influences. Additionally, openings in the lid and the bottom tray support ventilation inside the case."
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      string(8) "charging"
      string(9) "transport"
      string(7) "storage"
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      string(9) "208626179"
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    string(13) "208625151.jpg"
    string(5) "black"
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    string(9) "208625151"
    string(89) ""
    string(13) "PARAPROJECT®"
    string(18) "Case i20 KidsCover"
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  string(9) "208625151"
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PARAPROJECT® Case i20 KidsCover; EU version; black 208.625-151

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