Learning in the digital age classroom:

IT equipment, charging, synchronizing, data back-up & transporting.

Whether in schools or training facilities: with the PARAPROJECT® product line, our team at PARAT has developed a solution that best fits the needs for the use of digital media in your class.

Regardless of whether you use iPad devices, Android or Windows models: the stackable Cubes and the PARAPROJECT® Case offer safe and elegant storage solutions to charge, sync, backup and transport data.


Easy to use in the classroom

Robust enough to stow away your IT equipment safely

Convenient charging and synchronizing

Easy transport of tablets and laptops


Schools and training facilities can no longer be imagined without using tablets. The PARAPROJECT®product line offers perfect solutions for teachers that fit your class needs best.

Special features at a glance

  • The PARAPROJECT®Case allows you to manage and transport your mobile devices easily and flexibly.
  • The “Flex-Connect” technology enables charging and synchronizing of the most different models.
  • Charging process can be easily controlled by a timer; this not only saves time, it also saves the battery pack and protects the environment.
  • The PARAPROJECT®series combines a maximum of quality and ultimate functionality, all wrapped in a modern design.

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